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Project Stability and Accountability for Malaysia (Projek – SAMA)

An initiative to advocate for institutional reforms to advance political stability and accountability at a time our nation steers through democratization into the uncharted waters of hung parliaments and coalition governments. 


A Malaysia in which political competition is driven by policy, competence and integrity, and not ethnicity, religion and language.


We advance and promote political stability and accountability through institutional reforms in four main areas : –

Constitutional Monarchy, in which all Rulers stay above partisan politics to act as the unifying force for all Malaysians and enable elected leaders to govern.

Parliamentary Democracy, in which diverse interests and values in society are well-represented, and government backbenchers and opposition lawmakers play effective roles in lawmaking, policy-shaping and governance oversight.

The Rule of Law, in which laws protect human rights and advance the well-being of citizens and residents, and are applied uniformly and fairly, without bias or political interference on the Judiciary, the Prosecution and law enforcement agencies.

Federalism, in which powers are meaningfully dispersed between the Federal, Regional/State/Federal Territory and Local governments, which are elected and accountable, to enable optimal variations best suited for Malaysia and its diverse components.

What we do

  • We provide thought leadership on political issues, by formulating pragmatic solutions and breakthrough framing.
  • We facilitate dialogues that generate insights, build trust and foster collaboration.
  • We conduct in-depth research and produce easy-to-read materials.
  • We engage Malaysians through conventional and new media.
  • We monitor political stability and accountability in Malaysia. 

In 2024-2025, we will focus our works on:-

1) Igniting broad based discussion on democracy and institutional reforms in Malaysia.

2) Advocating and campaigning on reforms such as 

(a) Fixed Term Parliament Act, 

(b) Recognition of Shadow Cabinet,

(c) Representation of women in politics, 

(d) Empowerment of the opposition and government backbench, 

(e) Legislating equitable Constituency Development Fund (CDF), and 

(f) Public financing for political parties.

3) Creating space and environment to allow for stakeholders to share ideas, opinions and perspectives safely and respectfully by having private meetings, focus group discussions, forums and other events.

4) Expanding stakeholder networks and establishing effective communication channels.

5) Engaging actively with media to promote reform ideas, and to frame narratives by issuing press statements, producing media kits, conducting media crash courses and appearing in media interviews.

6) Commissioning research reports and publishing policy briefs.

7) Producing easy-to-consume materials on reform ideas. 

8) Monitoring political stability and accountability in Malaysia.


Founding Members